Your agency’s audiences will receive the right message at the right time. We excel at explaining complex business, marketing, regulatory, legal, banking, and other issues in clear, compelling communication and calls to action.

We help you establish and protect your government brand and reputation… Increase your visibility… Position your agency as experts and leaders in your field… Motivate your agency client and potential stakeholders, and…Communicate your message.

With deep CONUS-wide knowledge and expertise, Serrano Media Group offers the full spectrum of communications services, including content development, public relations, media relations, crisis management, marketing and digital communication.

Media Relations

Positive media relations are at the heart of many government communications programs. The third-party credibility inherent in news coverage helps build your agency’s brand, gains public acceptance and good will, and boosts strategic objectives and sales.

Content Development

Every government audience – every issue – requires a customized blend of intelligently crafted content. At our core, we are content creators. We were at the digital front, creating content for websites, blogs and social media and leveraging it for valuable third-party earned media.

Crisis & Reputation Management

A carefully crafted reputation management program builds on your agency’s strengths, gets recognition for good deeds and creates a positive image. Once lost, a reputation takes twice as long to regain.

Social Media

Social media connects and engages people. It doesn’t matter if you’re advancing an issue or promoting a new government product or service – it’s an essential tool for getting your agency’s message out.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Building your Government Program requires creating a memorable and positive first impression that make you stand out from the crowd.

Community Involvement

Many government agencies are bombarded with requests for charitable giving, corporate sponsorships and participation in community activities. But which really benefit your agency’s reputation and mission objectives?

Public Affairs

Government bodies find it necessary to articulate their interests as regulatory agencies.

Litigation Communications

In government litigation communications the goal is to control the narrative. “No comment” won’t get you very far in the court of public opinion.

Multi-Cultural Branding and Marketing

And throughout the Continental United States (CONUS), we do both in English and Spanish. Our creative storytellers can zero in on the essence of your agency’s brand, program objectives, and create marketing programs that speak to your audience across a variety of communication platforms.

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